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Friday 5th February Home Learning

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 8:25am

Good morning,

Welcome to Express Yourself day! We would love to see pictures of you all dressed in your favourite colours! You could even include a sentence or a picture to tell us why you have chosen the colour you are wearing today.

Have a well being party! All this week we have been thinking about our mental health so today, have a treat and do something you love! You might have a dance around, you might build something, you might colour or you might watch something you enjoy. Choose some fun activities and have a lovely day.

You have each been assigned a phonics video on a new Tapestry memo and observation. Please access the phonics video for the phase you have been working on.

Extra Activity: 
This week we are thinking about patterns! Can you make a pattern using your favourite colours? Mine would be: purple, yellow, purple, yellow, purple, yellow!

Zoom Calls: 
11:00am: Treasure Hunt with friends. (We have changed the time of our zoom today to be 11am so that we can zoom with the children who are in school. We are all missing our friends and we think it'll be lovely to be able to see each other and play a game together.)

2pm: Assembly

Here is an example timetable which follows as much as possible our day in school: 
9-9:20am: First fun activity 
9:30-10am: Play 
10-10:20am: Phonics 
10:20-11:00am: Play 
11:00am: Fun with Friends Zoom 
12:30-12:50pm: Next fun activity 
12:50-1:30pm: Play 
1:30-1:50pm: Reading Book 
1:50-2pm: Play 
2pm: Assembly

Please keep posting to Tapestry - any problems please let us know! If you are struggling with Tapestry you can email work to

Have fun and stay safe 
Mrs Lyon and Miss Dennis

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