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Thursday 14th January Home Learning

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 12:14pm

Good morning Reception,

Here are your home learning activities for today. Keep posting to Tapestry and let us know if there are any issues.

1. Maths - can you use the numicon you have at home to practise making different numbers. Start working with numbers 1-10. Can you find the right numicon for the number? Then, can you make teen numbers using the 10 numicon and another number e.g. 11 = 10 and 1.

2. Music - watch the video of the music lesson. Join in with the activities and songs. When we use instruments, see if you can find things around your house to use. Pencils will be good for today's lesson.

Here is the music we listened to:

3. Phase 3 Phonics - watch the phase 3 phonics video on new sound 'ar'.

Extra Activity: 
We're exploring mixing colours in school - see if you have anything around the house to explore what happens when we mix colours together.

Zoom Calls (Details on Tapestry)
11:30am - Phase 2 Phonics 
3pm - Literacy




Here is an example timetable to follow the structure of our day in school: 
9-9:20am: Maths 
9:20-10am: Play 
10-10:20am: Phonics 
10:20-11:30am: Play 
11:30am: Phonics Zoom 
11:50-12:30pm: Lunch 
12:30-12:50pm: Music 
12:50-1:30pm: Play 
1:30-1:50pm: Reading Book 
1:50-3pm: Play 
3pm: Literacy Zoom

Have fun and stay safe 
Mrs Lyon and Miss Dennis

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