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3J 2019 - 2020

Miss Johnson


Welcome to Year 3J's class page!


A very warm welcome back to a new school year! I hope you've all had a fun-packed summer and are ready to begin another exciting new year - this time, in the Juniors! We hope that parents and carers will enjoy discovering our class page to see what fabulous things we will be getting up throughout the year.


Important reminders:

Dear Parents, 

Thank you very much for your continued support in your child's learning. In order to enable our Mount Carmel children to grow in their independence and learning, it is important that we, as teachers and parents, support them as fully as possible.

  • Reading Book Change will take place as often as possible. Please ensure that the reading records are signed each night and questions are asked about what they’ve read  to help build their vocabulary and comprehension of the passage.
  • Reading books need to be in school every day to be checked if children are reading at home
  • Homework is set each Monday and due in Fridays.
  • P.E. kits must be in school every day. At the end of the term, the kits will go home..

Miss Johnson


Traction Man is Here!

In our literacy topic, we have read the comic book tale of Traction Man and created our own action stories of victims and villains in the house. Where else has Traction Man had to complete rescue missions? Who were the vile villains? The innocent victims?

Traction Man to the Rescue 1

Traction Man to the R


Vamos a Zumbarla! Let's get moving!

Last Monday (17th September), Year 3J and Year 3S had planned an exciting science afternoon to start our topic on 'How The Body Works.' We started with a warm-up, paying attention to its importance, which muscles we were targeting and why, followed by an energetic Zumba class. After this, we measured our heart rates to see what would happen after activity and why this happens. We next helped Mr Stewart pack a healthy lunch for work and had a go at saving lives, learning some new skills through First Aid. See the school Twitter page for all the fun we had that afternoon. (Twitter @Mount_Carmel1) 

Brainwave Day

On Wednesday 19th September, both Year3 and Year4 had a visit from Dr. Watson who talked to us about the incredible gift which God has bestowed on us all...our brains! We found out that our brains are incredible computers which can learn so much when we practise and practise! Our brains send messages to different parts of the body when we learn lots of new skills from times tables to gymnastics! The more we repeat something, the longer the pathway becomes so we don't have to think about it anymore. After all, as the saying goes, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Have a look on our Twitter Page for more information on our Brainwave Day. The children had a carousel of activities which helped them practise new skills to help make their pathways longer, so it was easier to remember new things! 

In the meantime,  take a look at our Spanish lessons, where all our children in Years 3 and 4 used the language part of their brains to learn new greetings to have a conversation with!

Scavengers and Settlers

For many thousands of years, humans have learnt how to survive thanks to their incredible brains. Just as we learn our number facts in maths to help us when solve problems, we can then use our problem solving skills to help us become more independent, such as working out when we need to set off to school, or football or gymnastics, or how much change we will receive if we buy 3 things with a £10. But these are fairly simple tasks to solve...

What would life have been like in the Stone Age?


To introduce our topic of Scavengers and Settlers, Year 3J travelled back in time (and into the Boggart Hole Clough!) to imagine what life would have been like tens of thousands of years ago. Take a look:


IMG_0110.JPG                  IMG_0141.JPG                     IMG_0118.JPG                     IMG_0104.JPG

IMG_0109.JPG                 IMG_0106.JPG                      IMG_0116.JPG                     IMG_0108.JPG

IMG_0148.JPG                 IMG_0130.JPG                      IMG_0112.JPG


Would we have been able to drive in a car and pop to ASDA to do our weekly shop? Where would we have even lived? Would our ancestors have had a toasty-warm house with comfy settees, TVs and beds?

We discovered that life back then wasn't as simple as it seems to be today. There weren't any supermarkets, cars or houses as we know them; in fact, life was very much a struggle for survival, thousands of years ago.

In the forest, we looked for suitable shelters to build our homes, finding out that trees and valleys provided us with the best shelter from the gusty wind, cold and rain. After that, we realised that we needed to keep our dwellings warm. We then went gathering for sticks and twigs so that we could build a fire to keep warm and to cook food. We discovered that they didn't have lighters in those days, so we had to find a way to create embers. This was done by rubbing two sticks which would take lots of friction and effort to cause a spark.

Later, we learnt that because of no supermarkets and cars, our ancestors had to use the natural resources around them to hunt for food. We scavenged for berries and nuts, plants and leaves, squirrels and rabbits, eggs and birds, deer and boar, and even fish if we were close to a river.

We pretended to travel thousands of miles to hunt for food in our environment. Our ancestors would often have to make a new home if their area wasn't rich in food sources. At the end of our hunting day, we prepared our food to cook on the fire pit, ready for our feast!

We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures of our scavenger hunt!

Making fire pits

Making Fire Pits Part 2

Starting a Fire

On the Hunt...

On the Hunt... Part 2

On the Hunt... Part 3

Time for a Feast!

Creating Art from the Stone Age

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