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Music Curriculum Statement- September 2021

Music Curriculum Statement



At Mount Carmel we believe that music provides opportunities for all of our children to shine. We aim for all children to experience a broad, balanced and enjoyable music education and  hope to develop their confidence and enthusiasm. In utilising the expertise of Alfa Education to deliver our music curriculum across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we ensure that our pupils have a wide exposure to different genres of music and are given practical opportunities to explore and develop as musicians, singers and performers, as well as being given opportunities to develop their appreciation of the fundamental elements of music.


In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 music is planned and delivered by an Alfa music specialist who works alongside the class teacher. Music is embedded into a variety of different aspects of the children’s learning as part of our cross curricular approach and singing is at the heart of the music curriculum. Alfa use a music is one song approach, which teaches children through one song at the core of their lessons. From this song, the children develop their skills and knowledge.  In Key Stage 1 pupils participate in a 30 minute music lesson each week delivered by an Alfa music specialist. In Key Stage 2 music lessons are delivered alternately by an Alfa music specialist and the class teacher. Where appropriate, this links with the topic for that half term.  Alfa is delivering a progressive skill based approach across key stages using their progression framework to guide their planning.

In the EYFS, music is part of the Expressive Arts and Design area of learning. The LCP music resource file is used to support the delivery of sessions, through which children are: taught to sing songs; introduced to musical instruments and their sounds; given opportunities to experiment with ways of changing the sounds of instruments and also how to move with expression to music.   Music also plays an important role in facilitating other areas of the EYFS curriculum. It is incorporated consistently into daily routines, supports the development of the early phonics skills of sounds, rhythm and patterns of speech, and is also used to supplement fine motor skill activities.

At Mount Carmel, music also forms an important part of our collective worship. Opportunities are taken for our pupils to perform in class, in Key Stage assemblies and also to parents. Key Stage 2 pupils also have the opportunity to take part in weekly choir club and to perform at various locations throughout the year.

Music is assessed in Key Stages 1 and 2 every half term, focussing on 2 skills each half term, that are assessed with the support of our Alfa specialist. Through the half term, the children learn a song, which is then performed in their final lesson. This is recorded and used as video evidence of their assessment for that half term. In EYFS, music is assessed at each assessment point, included in their Development Matters assessment of each child.


Pupils will discover a range of musical skills including: listening, appraising, composing, improvising, performing and learning musical notation. Children will explore structure, dynamics, pulse, tempo, texture, timbre and pitch singing skills in order to enrich their understanding of music.  We want our pupils to have an enjoyment and appreciation of music and gain the confidence to adapt and perform their own ideas.


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